6m Low Disturbance Toolbar (LDT)

Machine Features

We offer three widths of Low Disturbance Toolbars:    3m   4m    6m 


  • The machines can be used as both an independent machine or in front of any trailing implement. 
  • Low disturbance legs & points that provide lift with full width shatter
  • Shear bolt or Auto Reset protection
  • A choice of rear attachment options for different implements 

The One Pass System

The Low-Disturbance Toolbar will provide that extra bit of versatility that you have been wanting with your trailing implement when cultivating or drilling. Whether in use with a drill, cultivator or a press the toolbar will become a unique and integral part of your establishment process.

Most common use:

  • Cultivator - Primary cultivations to remove compaction and to establish an early chit with a shallow pass cultivator e.g. Carrier, Joker etc.
  • Drill - Strip sew OSR, to alleviate compacted areas on headlands, on the go whilst drilling cereals or to provide a full width lift when required in the field.
  • Press - Loosen soil structure whilst keeping all weeds to the surface prior to drilling in autumn or spring.
  • Independent - Stand alone machine to loosen headlands or fields prior to any field work.

Options and Specifications


  • Working Widths Available: 6m (Can also be used in 5m width)
  • Tight Turn System for a reduced headland turn (Automatic)
  • X12 Low Disturbance loosening legs with a range of 300mm working depth
  • Leg spacing - 0.5m leg centres
  • X12 Hydraulic Front cutting discs for trash management and to provide minimal surface disturbance
  • Choice of rear hitch attachment (Clevis or Link Arm)
  • x4 Double Acting Hydraulic supply for trailing implement
  • ​x1 3/4" Free Flow Return for drills
  • ​Independent Toolbar

A very versatile machine....



The 6m LDT shares the same concept of the ability to  lift and lower the cultivating legs and discs within the frame/chassis whilst not interrupting the height of the trailed implement. This feature therefore allows for the machine to be on the back of the tractor and only be used when required. It is a popular set up to have a Grange 6m machine used only for headland when required or n certain parts of the field to alleviate compaction when autumn drilling. One of the key attributes of the machine is that it provides options for the farmer.


'Tight Turn' - Automatic Headland Turning Feature...

The 6m LDT offers a system that allows the machine to be converted from a 6m working width down to a 3m machine during headland turns. This feature eliminates the need for an extended headland, the  wings on the machine automatically lift to a 90 degree position whilst the operator concentrates on performing the turn. The wings will then unfold and become a 6m beam again ready for the next pass, a very easy but versatile feature that transforms field operations.


Choose your system...

The 6m LDT has proven to be a very popular machine that can be used with a range of trailed implements. Having the ability to lift and lower the cultivating legs when in combination with other implements without affecting the trailed setup makes the machine very versatile and to be frequently used.

OSR Establishment & Strip Till Systems....

Differnet setups that we see with the 6m LDT....

Differnet setups that we see with the 6m LDT....


Picture above of a Grange 6m LDT & Vaderstad Rapid drilling OSR direct into barley stubble in August #onepass #directdrilling

Differnet setups that we see with the 6m LDT....

Differnet setups that we see with the 6m LDT....

Differnet setups that we see with the 6m LDT....


Using the Grange 6m LDT in combination with a Carrier as a primary cultivation pass, creating a seedbed for drilling later in the year.

Grange 6m LDT and Vaderstad Rapid into fallow land